Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ziggurat - Hymns of the Cthulhu Mythos

What can we say about the Ziggurat? Their palpable enthusiasm for Lovecraftiana is undeniable, and the primitive death metal approach is just on this side of competent, but something about this band just makes me smile and shake my head in amused bafflement. Everything about them, from the goofy song titles (my favorite, sadly not on this album, is "Chocolate Shoggoth Shake") to the requisite Geocities homepage to this photo of band leader Dwayne Boyd, screams unintentional hilarity. This particular LP might be less obviously amusing if the vocals weren't twice as loud as everything else and the drums didn't sound like rubber tubs, but then it wouldn't be as memorable either. Ah well, who cares what we think?
Into the Dank Abyss

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  1. You couldn't be further from the truth. I have seen these guys live and they are amazing. They will put 100 percent into a performance regardless of if there are 500 fans or 50. Also, does everything always have to be so serious?! I love the ziggurat's dark humor. Would we all love Evil Dead as much had it not given us disturbed chuckles? But no anything horror should be strictly horrible right? Lol if you took time to get the stories behind the songs you would realize this man is a genius and could easily be a writer, director, or really anything, but he pours his soul and stories into death metal. so why don't you just get of your horse, grab a drink and enjoy some good fucking music without criticizing everything YOU dont like. trust me, no one cares. Lol


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