Friday, September 24, 2010

Roky Erickson - The Holiday Inn Tapes

The Holiday Inn Tapes is a semi-bootleg released in 1987 by the Roky Fan Club containing an intimate acoustic set recorded on a hand held cassette recorder. Those looking for Roky's famous brand of paranormal rock n' soul will have to look elsewhere, as these are quiet introspective numbers interspersed with some traditional folk numbers. A number of the original compositions have remianed unavailable on any legitimate release (although some appeared in vastly different form on this year's comeback album), making this one essential for the deep Roky heads, but it's looseness and amiability are infectious. Still, it's heavily weird and even on the public domain numbers Roky tends to rattle off surreal lyrics off the top of his head, adding a nice psychedelic undercurrent.
I Look at the Moon

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