Monday, September 27, 2010

Acid Witch - Witch House

You might already be well aware of this band, as there has been considerable press expounding their neon virtues, but, frankly, it's all true and I have an unholy party to attend, so this is what you get. For those uninitiated, Acid Witch plays a ferocious death/doom hybrid, similar to Hooded Menace or Coffins, but swathed in day-glo Lisa Frank psychedelia and detuned carnival organ.
She wears an expression of hideous malevolence and exultation, and has a croaking voice.


  1. The hideous colours are oddly enticing... thanks for this EP!

  2. the cover remind me of the short history "Dreams in Witch House" by Lovecraft... and i'm sure that the cover is about the short story. great music, great band.


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