Sunday, September 19, 2010

Azathoth - Azathoth

Just a brief little bite sized morsel for the ravening hordes today! Azathoth (hailing from Fresno, of all places) claims the genre of symphonic black metal as their own, but these ears detect much influence from the Dissection/At the Gates school of melodic death metal as well. Although there are keyboards throughout the album, they are much subtler in the mix than the multi-tracked guitar parts and dual vocals. Of the six songs present, however, the first and last are classical piano workouts and the other tracks are almost startlingly succinct. From the band and album names one can suss out the usual tasty Lovecraftian themes, especially in their love for the titular Demon Sultan, and they must have presciently played to my prejudice by naming a track "Alhazred," but there is also an ode to Barker's Hellraiser saga (containing a nasty sample from the movie) in addition to a ghostly tale of doomed romance and a love song to succubi. While this is their only release, it seems, it is solid, diverse, and thoughful, and it's always better to leave them clamouring for more....
Swirling desert sands surround my disembodied ka
As I gaze unblinking into the unblinking eye of Ra

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