Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Umbra Nihil - The Borderland Rituals

I present to you this night another member of the bizarre fringes of Finnish doom, the frightful Umbra Nihil. Their unique sound is difficult to properly describe, but they do feature the mad dreamer behind Aarni as their guitarist, which should clue you in as to just how far this is from, for example, Candlemass. I've chosen this second album tonight on the spur of the moment, though it's not quite as raw and shocking as their earlier work (which will surely surface in the Swamp someday). The ringing guitars are precise and the vocals, though heavily affected, are frequently clean and quite comprehensible. Although there are no overt Lovecraftian lyrics, there is much fuss about open gates and transcending thresholds and things of that nature, and the title track seems to be an ode to William Hope Hodgson's seminal "The House on the Borderland," although it's abstract enough to defy real analysis. Nonetheless, it's a fine slab of weirdness for those of you who croak and chirp in the dark of the lengthening nights....
Bring back to life
The horror beneath this mountain

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