Sunday, September 12, 2010

Death SS - ...In Death of Steve Sylvester

Another no-brainer, perhaps, but I'm in the middle of a long weekend with little leisure time to ponder the imponderable, so let's just go for it. The mysterious Death SS, an EC-horror inspired metal band from the 80's, most clearly defined their worldview on this release. Not only did them band members fully realize their stage personae, dressing as a mummy, a vampire, a werewolf, etc., but also the first five songs straightforwardly address each individual character with song titles such as "Vampire" and "Werewolf." Musically, it's a bit all over the map, pulling influences from doom, death metal, thrash, early black metal, 70's shock rock (note the Alice Cooper cover) and Hammer horror soundtracks. This is great, visceral music that remains untarnished by the current abomination using the name Death SS - best to pretend that doesn't exist and just immerse yourself in the dark creaky cobwebbed atmosphere presented here.
Here, in the coffin, yes this is death!

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