Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Funeral - The Older Ones

Here, little ones, have some classic Norwegian death metal! Old Funeral, formed in '88, released a few demos and one live album before breaking up. Band members went on to more famous projects such as Immortal, but this compilation is quite memorable, if somewhat uneven. Angular, abstract riffing and drumming occasionally coalesce into chugging mid-temp gallops punctuated by the occasional blast beat or sludgy breakdown. It's probably a non-essential, but some (intentional) humorous songwriting and enthusiasm at least give it character.
Into Hades...

p.s. Check out the new Immortal video here as well!


  1. I make hats for dogs and sell them to pet stores. The only way I can live with what I do each day is to listen to some sort of music while I do this. This album is perfect for that.

    Apollyon looks annoyed in the new video.

  2. Haha they're still jamming out on a mountain. "Call of the Wintermoon" 2K10 FTW!

  3. I love that he runs through the snow with an axe at the end, just like Wintermoon.


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