Monday, September 20, 2010

Blackspell - Visions of Gloom

It is gratifying to see the tentacles of cthonic influence spread throughout the world, and in keeping with that sentiment today's special is from distant Syria. Blackspell is a one-man project, presumably the only kvlt and grimm figure in the country, as his numerous projects listen in the Encyclopedia Metallum are, with few exceptions, solo works. This an odd one, too: the first track, "I Summon Cthulhu," is a fairly standard black metal blast of whirring guitars, cardboard drums, and raspy wails. The second is a lengthy ambient keyboard piece. This pattern repeats for the second half of the album, with the closing epic clocking in at a bloated half hour and punctuated by an overdriven drum machine and what sounds like sizzling bacon. One would hope for some future releases to be a bit more focused or distinct, but main man Demon of Darkness seems content to indiscriminately crank out the tapes in praise of Dread Cthulhu, and I certainly shan't fault him for that.
As the Joy Cursed By Grief ...

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