Sunday, September 26, 2010

Witch Hunt

Might as well go ahead and post this one while we're on the subject, eh? Witch Hunt is the loose 1994 sequel to Cast A Deadly Spell, another HBO production, starring the late Dennis Hopper and a few other recognizable names (notably Julian Sands of Warlock fame). Like it's predecessor, it is a noirish comedy that, despite the purported R-rating, is fairly light in tone and pleasantly unpretentious. Lots of sharp suits, fedora hats, cigarette haze, and Nina Simone. Also there is an undercurrent of sharp social satire aimed at both McCarthy-era "Witch Hunts" and the Reagan-Bush years that were just drawing to a close as the movie was released. Fun stuff, swamplings - take a lazy Sunday and let the tentacles wrap gently around your mind....

As I noted yesterday, I am still hunting down the soundtrack for this one.


  1. *!@%$£~!!!!! MEDIAFIRE!!!! It won't unpack as mediafire has corrupted one of the files. You're always better using Rapidshare, Megaupload or Hotfile for films, as Mediafire always seems to do this!! Argh.

  2. Noted, will re-up. *Sigh*
    Try this

  3. I always have tentacles wrapped around my mind. Damn you, High School inhalant abuse!


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