Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dee Dee Ramone Inter-Celestial Light Commune - I Hate Freaks Like You

On a similar (but browner) note, Dee Dee Ramone's bizarrely-named mid-90's band I.C.L.C. just wasn't as good as his previous band, and not as memorable as his ill-fated rap album. It is, however, a solid straightforward punk album with loopy but honest lyrics dealing with subjects as diverse as heroin, UFOs, WWII, and romance, as exemplified on the tasteful first single, "Chinese Bitch." Also some questionable attempts at grunge (or something) and two duets with Nina Hagen, of all people. Pretty far out. I'm on short time here but I plan on pontificating at length about Dee Dee's wild solo career at some point. Until then:
Fix yourself up

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  1. funny how all the best songs off later ramones albums were just covers of dee dee's solo stuff... thanks for posting this i'm a huge ramones fan but hadn't heard this before... of course i already knew a few of the songs... hey really cool blog you've got here, i like how you feature a wide variety of music but it all fits within the theme...


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