Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grand Slam - Demos

Grand Slam was Thin Lizzy main man Phil Lynott's last project before his death, and while much of their recorded legacy is diluted through aggressively new-wave production, this collection is stripped of all but a few basic elements and crackles through time as the transmission of a ferocious songwriter on his final arc of productivity before the end. Even the mellow yacht rock ballads (difficult to appreciate on the band's actual studio work) sound naked and raw, allowing the world-weary, resigned ennui of the lyrics to shine through like a black beacon. Lynott seems to be writing his own will and testament at times. Of course, some of it just pure 80's cheese as well, including the unfortunate low-tech dance remix tacked onto the end. Still, it's a darkly beautiful recording full of hum and hiss and poetry, and the first track, "Crazy," will punch up any decent mix-tape or fight scene.
Part 1:
You think I'm crazy, but I'm not
Part 2:
You think I love you, I only like you a lot


  1. Phil Lynott: greatest rock n roll songwriter ever? i think i would have to say yes. while his solo stuff I don't really care for so much, it is still better written than most anything else. is there not a thin lizzy song for everyone? just food for thought. as always abdul, the blog rules.

  2. Yes, the solo career is quite spotty but many of the songs are still remarkable.

  3. Hi, I just made my way to your quite awesome swamp via the scummified blog. I also am a lover of phil lynott and thin lizzy. I never knew he had a solo career and equally dismayed to not be able to open the files after I ravenously downloaded them. Any help? I was able to get 40 shades of green no problamo.

  4. You need both parts, first of all. Put them in the same folder and unzip part one with winzip or 7zip or something. I'll re-check and re-up later today if necessary.


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