Friday, December 10, 2010

Morbid Angel - Gateways to Annihilation

Sadly, swamplings, I have little time to expound the virtues of this album at length. Alas, I shall be content to say that Morbid Angel's underrated sixth LP palpably oozes Lovecraftian dread from every pore. Much of the doom-leaning music concerns itself with forms of summoning and transcending thresholds and that sort of thing. Prime Swamp material, rest assured.
Humans, I shall feast upon your ignorance.


  1. Thank you for making me check this out again. I wasn't quite ready for this when it came out I guess. Like Meshuggah's Nothing. Except this took me about ten times as long.. Gonna find it in 320 kbps though - 128 just does not cut the proverbial mustard.

    Haha, I am actually too lazy to rip the original I know I have lying around somewhere... :)

  2. I didn't like this at the time either, but like many strange things its appeal became apparent over time. You're quite welcome.

  3. This is my favorite Morbid Angel record these days, bizarrely enough.


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