Thursday, December 16, 2010

Buried at Sea - Ghost

Here's another fine example of the fact that "EPs" by doom metal bands are longer than many people's albums. In fact, what we have here, despite its thirty minute running time, is one song stretched to span an ocean. I have no idea what the lyrical subject matter may be, but as the vocals only bob to the surface around halfway and mostly vanish thereafter, we're obviously more concerned here with atmosphere and menace. While quite heavy in parts, there are stretches of grainy static punctuated by clanging bells, chirping noise, and distant footsteps in the sand. To me this is evocative of later Blind Dead films Ghost Galleon and Night of the Seagulls, both of which are sluggishly paced but punctuated by genuine moments of repulsive horror. Plus, we have this beautiful cover art to hint at what is entombed herein.


  1. Hey, I know this one's kind of old, so I shouldn't be surprised it's been nixed on Mediafire, but I personally would appreciate it if it got uploaded again- I've been looking all over for this one, and so far it's escaped me.

  2. Sorry, I got a really polite letter from Steve Von Till asking me to remove it (not just a DMCA notice) so I am choosing not to re-up this one.

  3. You can probably get a "preview" on Youtube, but this is absolutely worth buying.


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