Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Darkthrone - Too Old Too Cold

Still buried in the snow here in the Swamp, and the whiskey is running out. The mood is right for this EP by the mighty Darkthrone, which marked the first threads of punk weaving through their sound. Desperation, dehydration, cabin fever, and righteous indignation are the order of the day.
Second to none
Like an angel unfucking born
Down with people


  1. You call your metal black
    It's just plastic, lame, and weak

    I'll stand by new punk/metal Darkthrone as being as vital as the "classic" black metal Darkthrone.

  2. Heartily agreed. I loved Circle the Wagons this year.

  3. Man, all this time I seriously thought the lyrics were "like an angel of fucking porn."

    Down with people. BLEEUCK

  4. I would venture that your interpretation is perfectly valid, friend. At least, it makes about as much sense.

  5. I just realized that the cover picture resembles Wu-Tang Clan logo when observed from distance. Coincidence? You decide.

  6. I did the cover artwork for this EP. Strange coincidence indeed ;)


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