Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crime - Piss On Your Turntable

From the mean streets of San Francisco, Crime only managed to put out three seven inch records during their chaotic late 70's career, but after they imploded, a flood of bootlegs hit the market as testimony to their memorable, sexy/sketchy sound and snarling swagger. On this particular one we have those records, the unreleased LP "San Francisco's Doomed," and a cassette demo. Crime were seedy drug-addled leatherboys in cop drag, with beady eyes hidden behind mirrored shades and more forward inertia than competence. Notoriously, they once played a show at San Quentin wearing the same uniforms as the guards, to a less-than-delighted reaction from the inmates. More primitive hateful noise for all you ugly trolls.
Piss On Your Dog

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