Monday, December 13, 2010

Cathedral - Gargoylian

I'm sure Cathedral is familiar to many readers of this site, and I'll not bother with their considerable history in the doom universe tonight. One of my favorite things about this particular group is the scope of their lyrics: surreal unicorn fantasy, apocalyptic doom-crying, occult opaqueness, horror movie cheese, gleeful nonsense, etc. They have composed several songs related to this week's theme, Zombie Templars, but this relatively hard-to-find single is the only one to forgo their usual whimsical nightmare artwork for a film still of the infamous robed revenants. Side one, the title cut, is a mountain of a song, seemingly becoming ever slower as it progresses. Side two, "Earth in the Grip of a Skeletal Hand," is our theme song/ surprise for today however, a sludgy punkish anachronism two or three times the average speed of a normal Cathedral composition! Madness! Nonetheless, a vital addition to our library, and a furious spasm of foulness in its own right.
The morgue receives the victims of the Blind Dead.

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  1. Just watched Tombs of the Blind Dead. Killer.


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