Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hooded Menace - The Eyeless Horde

As the sun sets on day four of Blind Dead Week, Finland's Templars of Doom, Hooded Menace, lurch forth from their crypts to sniff out your blood. Splitting the difference between the solemn pace of this week's doomier entries and the feverish lurch of yesterday's entry, the band maintains a fairly steady mid-paced gallop, like the spellbinding last reel in La Noche del Terror Ciego where our monks overtake their prey on horseback. These monsters have been responsible for two of the best metal LPs of the last few years, both of them accordingly NOTBD-related, but it all began with this grim seven inch record. As a bonus we also have the werewolf ode "Fulfill the Curse," the title cut off their first long-player.
Virgin Sacrifice Grants Us Life Beyond the Grave


  1. Excellent stuff! Keep 'em shuffling forth!

  2. excellent already have copies of the albums but was missing this one - horrordoomdeathboogie for the win !

  3. These guys are playing here in Austin alongside Doom,Autopsy and Youth of Today(plus a million other bands)for the Chaos in Tejas festival. Needed to check 'em out. Thanks.


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