Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feederz - Teachers in Space

Boom! This is the second album by notorious Arizona punk contras The Feederz, widely reviled because of their confrontational Situationist pose, their antagonism towards their peers, and their grating, exhausting music. Less talked about than their stellar debut, "Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?," this LP is stranger and more uneven, with two intro tracks and a song from the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack opening the record before things fully get into gear. Various other intentionally confounding moments occur throughout, but then we also have moments of pure creepy joy like the Manson-stare love song "Crawlspace," a black comedy mutation of "Sixteen Tons," and the gleeful revenge fantasy "Taking the Night." Obnoxious front man Frank Discussion pioneered the whole righteous-ideopathic-anger-devolved-into-dada-nonsense arc a decade before Born Against or Rush Limbaugh.
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