Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trouble - Dallas Texas Alive! 3/12/90

Hm, it's been a bit quiet in the Swamp lately, eh? I blame myself. As the advent of my spirit journey formation anniversary approaches, posting has become sporadic and, odds are, will continue to be so for some days to come. No that it's necessarily a bad thing when the seedling falls silent; we all need time for personal reflection and growth, to rediscover our roots, as it were. Still, it's a complicated ecosystem and Uncle Abdul can't always just sit down and bounce you on his knotty knee. Take heart, wee one, I'll try and provide shelter and comfort for you as well as I can during the upcoming week of bizarre rituals and cruel, inventive hazing.
Let's begin with this shockingly good bootleg recording of notorious Catholic doom choir Trouble, who achieved apotheosis on some sweaty night in Dallas in 1990, well before you or I were on board the skeletal Gospel ghost train. Trouble represents one prospective evolutionary branch of the Iommi School of Heavy Metal Lyric: three albums of brutal Christian guilt coupled with equally brutal down-tuned jubilant cacophony, followed immediately by three more albums of robo-trippy Hendrix exultation, condensed with clear hindsight into a solid hour-long set. Skeptical listeners may yet be swayed by the promise of lucid recording quality and hoarse PG-rated mutations of Paul Stanley's infamous stage banter. Still not convinced?
You mofos must be f'ing going crazy.


  1. New Slough Feg album to be released on the actual date of my germination. Take note.

  2. Ahhhhh, TROUBLE. They really need to send Kory Clarke back to his dude ranch.....


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