Monday, October 18, 2010

Insane Poetry - Blacc Plague

Here's another fine example of early horrorcore from L.A. hip-hop ensemble Insane Poetry, although they called their particular sound "The Terrifying Style" and distanced themselves from that already waning sub-genre. Full of strange pitch-shifted samples (a decade before Kanye West), crunchy junkyard percussion, layered vocalizations, and horror movie references, particularly "Angel Heart" and John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness," the album is further distinguished from its horrorcore brethren by a G-Funk organ vibe and a merciful minimum of stupid skits. Frontman Cyco (hey, it's L.A.) vividly and hilariously paints himself as a more verbose Jason Voorhees, stalking the streets, picking off wack MCs who have wandered stupidly into "the wrong neck of the woods." Also of note is the Steven Seagal-themed "On Deadly Ground," a real treat for the careful listener. After some squabbling in '96 with Nastymix, the label home to Sir-Mix-A-Lot and The Accused, this album was suppressed and only properly released twelve years later. Fortunately Insane Poetry, unlike virtually all of their peers, continue to record and release Juggalo-free horror-themed rap, like the recent collaboration with DJ Sutter Kane and the upcoming "Dead Sea Scrolls".
I hang nerds from they scrote sacs

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