Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blood Storm - Death By The Stormwizard

It's been a bit since we had a feral and ferocious album of Lovecraftian black metal to drool and excrete all over, hasn't it? The raging wind outside and the constant flickering of lights makes this album seem appropriate for the moment, and how can one resist that album title? Philly's Blood Storm (two words, no hyphen, thank you) play straightforward and fairly orthodox black metal in the oldest sense: bits and pieces of Celtic Frost and Venom sprinkled with early Mayhem and Emperor, with perhaps a twist of thrash metal in the vocals and the more mid-tempo songs. Most of the album is blastbeat/atonal riff/ semi-intelligible blasphemy though (and some well-placed spooky organ) - no surprises, but no clean vocals or banjos either. Aside from the excellent Lovecraftian "Yoggothian Slayers," we have primarily songs either directly and plainly about wizards or obliquely delivered in forgotten tongues (these, too, probably concern wizards). Yes, this sounds just about perfect right now - let's hope the power holds out...
Unseen in the midst
Of the seven evil winds

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