Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Devil'z Rejects - Necronomicon

A collaboration between Jus Allah of Philly's notorious Jedi Mind Tricks and Boston rapper Bomshot (yeah, I've never heard of him either), The Devil'z Rejects is an aggressively nasty affair, alternating between seemingly deep meditations on heady esoteric topics and homophobic/homoerotic genital torture scenarios. Must of this is the work of Jus Allah, notorious for anti-gay lyrics so cartoonish and obsessive that they seem like thinly veiled come-ons from that sweaty guy in the men's room at the Greyhound station (he also repeatedly threatens to give your moms AIDS). Likewise, his aspirations toward intellectualism are belied by the song seriously dissecting the Da Vinci Code (which, charmingly, features a guest rapper named Evildead). A third blow to its credibility is the constant referencing to the eponymous Rob Zombie movie, a steaming turd of mediocrity. Still, the album throbs with a malevolent life of its own thanks to the bluesy samples and scratchy, 36 Chambers-style layers of needle hiss, and some guest spots by less anti-social MCs.
I'mma turn everything man makes to pancakes

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  1. I like The Devil's Rejects heh heh. Am quite partial to the appreciation of steaming turds of mediocrity.


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