Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lalo Schifrin - Black Widow

Primarily known as a film composer whose works range from Mission: Impossible to Enter the Dragon, Argentine Lalo Schifrin also sporadically released strange albums of futuristic horror disco funk, sinister jazz, and further madness. This one, an especially dark and trippy album, features remakes of world-music standard "Quiet Village" and a startling funk version of the theme from Jaws dripping with wah guitar, among many percolating originals and cinematic snippets. Surely the heavy disco trappings will alienate many of you, but if you're willing to tolerate a little slap bass and hi-hat abuse there is much dark material to be mined here. The perfect soundtrack to a cocaine-induced heart attack and out-of-body experience.
Con Alma

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  1. Yesssss! The more unlikely the vehicle, the better for unspeakable things to extend their tentacles deeper into the social body.

    If you want more horror disco you NEED Henri-Michel Raschle's 'Daemonia'. It's way more over the top and cheesy than Schifrin, but it's also much darker and more sinister. a couple of tracks have a really delirious ritual feel, and occasional shouts of 'Satan!' can be heard here and there.

    get it here:

    Great blog, btw! Your efforts are much appreciated in my corner of the cosmos...


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