Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evil Damn/ Toxic Holocaust/ Chainsaw Killer - Blasphemy, Mayhem, War split

Madness, I tell you! Some days have passed since I have set hoof in the Swamp, and upon my return I can sense the malignant verdancy seeping slowly up my spine, bleeding out of my pores. Down to business: here we have a pleasingly repugnant menage a trois between two Lovecraft-leaning South American metal entities and the ubiquitous American carpetbaggers known as Toxic Holocaust. Peru's aptly monikered Evil Damn open the gates with a brief chant invoking Mighty Cthulhu before firing off several ferocious blackened wads of poison (including a Sarcafago cover). Toxic Holocaust in turn hand out a smattering of tinny-sounding rehearsal material. Rounding things out is sketchy-looking Colombian combo Chainsaw Killer, who turn in the most distinct and memorable section of the album with their low-budget Mercyful Fate/Motorhead hybrid sound and boundless enthusiasm (and delightful ESL song titles).
Death, Blood... Insane

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