Friday, October 8, 2010

Christian Mistress - Practice tape 5-24-10

Zounds! I intended to return from the tavern before the stroke of midnight, lest my shoes turn back into hideous decorative squashes, but I have arrived mere minutes too late.
Ever since I was introduced to Christian Mistress by the Illogical Contraption, they have been in steady rotation on the Swamp jukebox - even more so now that I have acquired the stellar LP "Agony and Opium" (available here). As much as we tend to dwell on obscure sub-genres around these parts, there is much to be said for straightforward, honest heavy metal, and this band delivers it in spades. After a promising demo and too-brief 7 inch record, I have nothing but superlatives to heap upon them, and they are currently engaged in a full scale tour; I heartily recommend you go see them. Unfortunately for me, their only foray into my neck of the Swamp coincides with a day in which my musical project shall be performing elsewhere, and I am thusly unable to attend. Fortunately for you, I have acquired this practice tape through mysterious channels and, after some hesitation, I present it to you now. Apologies to the band if this is verboten, but it sound awfully righteous to these weary ears right now. I will surely remove it if this post offends. If anyone has mp3s of the full demo or soon-to-be-out-of-print 7 inch, please do share them.

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