Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Lamp of Thoth - Portents, Omens & Dooms

Having recently been informed of our being awarded the coveted Trappy Award for best new blog and seeing as how this is our 300th post together, let's return to Swamp favorites The Lamp of Thoth and their magnum opus Portents, Omens & Dooms. I've posted their more recent EP Sing as You Slay and the demo from side project Arkham Witch to little fanfare, but The Lamp of Thoth remain a shining of example of many things I find dear: Lovecraftian dread, doomish swagger, stoicism and sense of purpose but not at the expense of a sense of humor, broad-minded scholasticism, epic riffment, etc. Ignore them at your own peril, gentle reader!
This is the house of doom
The only ghosts are the one who came with you


  1. Bravo, sir! Happy 300 and congratulations on receiving the internet's highest honor!

  2. Again, Cobras, your encouragement and weird drug-induced gibberish is always most appreciated.

  3. Well deserved! The internet will assuredly beat a path to your swamp.

  4. This calls for celibacy! I mean, celebration.

    And hooray for the Lamp, everyone should get all their stuff!


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