Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tokyo Flashback Vol. 1

This is a nice cross-section of what was bubbling up in the Japanese psych underground during the nineties. I know little about most of these bands, aside from the dependably weird Ghost and noise maestro Keiji Haino, a real lifer in the scene. A nice discovery for me on this one was White Heaven, an early project from Michio Kurihara, a Zorn-type character who later became part of YBO2. Other names include the long-running High Rise, Marble Sheep, Verzerk, and the awesome Fushitsusha. Brace yourself for a psychedelic shitstorm of Old Testament proportions and
Pray For Fuck


  1. White Heaven's Out is a must-listen. Michio Kurihara is a beast of a guitar player.

  2. Yeah, I'm going to have to explore White Heaven further, for sure.

  3. Could you please re-upload this?


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