Friday, February 25, 2011

Infernal Wizardry

Another heaping helping of Aussie doom plops down on your plate this evening, dearie, and it's already cold! Hahaha!
Ahem, sorry. Tazmania's The Wizar'd deliver some morose sludgy foulness with, as they put it themselves, "No Swing. No Groove. Get Fucked." Indeed. Still, there's quite a bit of diversity and creativity here, beginning with the stretched-to-infinity hardcore riffs on some songs that, combined with the singer's hoarse bellow, bring to mind a luuded-out Suicidal Tendencies, of all things. Other songs creak with dusty organs and basso profundo chanting. Still others bring us Witchfinder General-style horror schlock and campy theatricality. An ambitious little release from a strange (and strangely named) group to watch out for. Buy a copy here or face
Crushing Gothic Slime

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