Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lamp of Thoth - Sing As You Slay

Lo, faithful cultists! Almost 48 hours since we last spoke and so many things have gone horribly awry! Only one solution presents itself to make up for it, and promises some sort of horrible revenge later: The Lamp of Thoth's new album, Sing As You Slay. Fans of Arkham Witch shall be delighted with this complex, unpretentious non-sub-genred heavy metal record, as it is primarily the same set of fishy sub-humans. Greek myth, Lovecraftian dread, Tolkien swashbuckling, Viking rage, sinister voodoo ritual - something for everybody. Another functioning musical ensemble, they, and I have soul-searched somewhat deeply as to whether I shall aid or hinder them to just hand the damned thing out like loaves and fishes, but no answer comes, only vengeance.

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