Friday, February 4, 2011

Scorpions - Fly to the Rainbow

It's no secret that the first album by the Scorpions, Lonesome Crow, is widely regarded as a classic 70's heavy psych record, quite different than their later, more famous eighties doofus rock. For some reason (perhaps it's that awful cover) this follow-up gets much less attention, despite its weird exuberance and catchy forward momentum. Despite the loss of prodigy guitarist Michael Shencker to UFO there's a lot of interesting stuff going on; the Scorps still hadn't settled fully into the hard rock fondue that would begin to solidify on their next record. I really could dissect this one at length but alas I must exit the Swamp forthwith, so strap some planes to your feet, put on your toaster helmet, and
Fly People Fly

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  1. Uli Jon owns Michael. Uli Jon owns practically any guitarist you care to mention.


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