Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wasteland - Warriors of the Wasteland

Usually when one is discussing post-apocalyptic metal, the conversation revolves around "extreme" subgenres like funeral doom, or crusty thrash, or what-have-you; less often do we find a modifier-free metal record charting the end of civilization in the Manilla Road mode. Here's a good example, a polar opposite of all those sludgy, filth-caked doom cookies - one could call it "power metal" is one were an asshole, but here in the Swamp we just call it heavy. Germany's bombastic combo Wasteland, and their collected demo recordings (named after a questionable Fred Williamson movie), while still nicely raw and lo-fi, sound thick and trot along at a brisk head-nodding gallop. They're no Manilla Road, obviously, but they're enough to make even the saddest kvlt pandapuss smile a little whilst awaiting Armageddon.
Can't Wait

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