Monday, January 10, 2011

Root - Zjevení / The Revelation

This is the first full length by criminally unheard first wave Black Metal group Root, fronted by the burly Roky lookalike Big Boss. While they eventually evolved into a bizarre Lovecraftian chamber music style (years before this was fashionable), this one is pure primitive blackness, albeit already showing signs of burgeoning ambition and a healthy tongue-in-cheek attitude, quite unlike many of their more serious-minded contemporaries. Not that this album isn't dark and twisted, not at all; I'm just always more inclined to like bands that can poke fun at themselves and their genre whilst still being 100% sincere. I encourage fans of this album to seek out their increasingly esoteric and personal discography (up to a point), or you could just wait for me to eventually post them all.
Two versions:
Czech or English

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