Sunday, January 9, 2011

Queen & Michael Kamen - Highlander Soundtrack

Bafflingly, the soundtrack to 80's swordplay classic Highlander was never officially released. Numerous fan-made versions have been circulating for years though, with varying degrees of complete Queen songs, Kamen's score, and the incidental (and instrumental) music, mostly written by Brian May. This fairly straightforward version has six Queen originals, mostly culled from sub-par late period albums, about the same number of Kamen tracks, and two inevitable dance remixes. The compleatist may wish to seek out the two-disc version containing every little scrap, but for most this should be more than enough. The Queen songs are mostly killer, too, especially "Princes of the Universe," anti-nuclear war song "Hammer to Fall," and "Gimme the Prize," which features choice samples from that most metal of 80's villains, the Kurgan.
Don't Lose Your Head

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