Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ophidian - Lost in the Halls of a Dream

Well, Swamplings, I'm not sure what to make of this one at all. Blackened Power Metal? Symphonic Italian Melodeath? There's all kinds of things going on here. The opening track, "Drowned In The Stygian Sea/Set In The Enigma Blaze" alternates between pretty orchestrated parts with operatic female vocals and grindy parts with screechy vocals, only to weave the two together with some emo-ish clean singing and death grunts in the background. Next we have the bafflingly titled "The Sarnath's Night," which is mostly slabs of Suffocation/At the Gates streamlined sound but with the female singer wailing away simultaneously with the death vocals, followed by some whispered narration. The other two songs here are equally schizophrenic and overstuffed. I can't find any information about this band at all, save that they share a name with some DJ douchebag and that this is their only release. Ah well, it certainly is strange and charming enough to stand on its own, but I'd love a lyric sheet.
Here come my revengeful desire!
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