Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blood Ritual - At the Mountains of Madness

Portland's meat-and-potatoes death metal group Blood Ritual releases an album about every ten years, which means the next one will probably arrive after the Apocalypse. This, their solitary long player from the 90's, is a solid Deicide-influenced blast of filthy riffs, doubled growl/wail vocals, and occult lyrics that betray a slight black metal influence as well. These lyrics tend to be of the more traditional Jesus vs Satan school rather than the more esoteric matters promised by the title, but there's enough talk of strange rites and forbidden tomes of horrible truth to satisfy the Lovecraftian as well. This is stolidly neither of the "brutal" nor "progressive" wings of modern death metal - just straightforward blurry Florida worship whipped up into a bloody froth and poured down the front of your pants.
Sweet Suffering

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