Thursday, January 6, 2011

John Prine - Sweet Revenge

I won't lie to you: 2011 has been a huge pain in the ass so far, leaving me precious little time to tend to the Swamp. I missed a day again yesterday due to various giant piles of bullshit, but I have arrived and I come bearing poisonous fruits. This is the stingingly sharp-tongued third LP from wildly underrated country asshole John Prine, who in a perfect world would be a household name. Then again, in a perfect world, he probably wouldn't exist. This album doesn't quite have the subversive, stoned snarl of his first album or the drunken hilarity of the second, but it compensates for this with buckets of bitter cynical humor and lots and lots of amphetamines, seemingly.
Please don't bury me.

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