Thursday, January 13, 2011

Esham - Bruce Wayne: Gotham City 1987

Well, it's been a moment since we've had some graphic, cartoonishly violent horrorcore, hasn't it? Oh dear, lets remedy that immediately. Esham, one half of the notorious "acid rap" pioneers Natas, baffingly assumes the alter ego Bruce Wayne, and proceeds to list in great detail his many horrendous crimes and superhuman sexual exploits. It's a bit overlong, like many albums of this style, full of skits and with most of the good stuff front-loaded. Somehow, though, Esham sounds crazier and crazier throughout the record, increasingly erratic and more dangerous. I still can't wrap my head around the Batman thing either, and Esham's many lyrical riffs on the subject are near gibberish. Still, there's a lot to like here, from the nasty synth skeets to the startling level of uncomfortable detail, if that's your sort of thing...

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