Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pyromaniac - Retard/Asshole

Similar to yesterday's post, Pyromaniac is a one-man ESL Finnish metal band; however, this is where the resemblance ends (as you may have guessed from the title of this demonstration CDr). Lacking any hint of the subtle or the cerebral, these stomping black metal fireballs with titles such as "Pyro-Fucking-Maniac" (hilariously boasting of his sexual prowess) and "You are Dead" are straightforward, bile-filled projectile vomit upon the very concepts of beauty, love, and sunshine. Somewhat surprisingly, they are also extremely well-crafted, catchy, and distinct. I'll admit I was initially drawn to it expecting a molten whirlwind of noise and slobber, but I was surprised at the sheer quality and thoughtful songwriting underlying all the ugliness. Mostly sung in English, there is one seemingly extra-blasphemous track in Finnish.
Time of their death has come!

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