Saturday, August 28, 2010


Although I have scant idea as to what they're singing about beyond the illimitable depths of their country's mythology, Japan's Gonin-Ish embody several Lovecraftian ideals for me. Aside from the tentacle porn cover, there is the chaotic but cinematic prog-death blasting out of my speakers as I type, filling my little room with shrieks and trails of mucus. Furthermore, there is the inscrutable personal philosophy uniting the band, explained thusly: "“Invisible awe” can be a one of the keywords. We thought that a flood of messages can create an “invisible awe” which can never be realized simply. Regarding this, for us to express this concept to our listeners, we have placed many messages and emphasis into the artwork, our costumes, the kanji-characters that we use, our lyrics, and our entire songs." Following the advice of the band, I recommend you listen to this with your eyes closed in the dark, and allow the music to speak to you mystically and form a terrifying picture in your mind.
Kyoukotsu no Yume


  1. Killer stuff Abdul, BUT the file is corrupt - track 5 is buggered. Bloody mediafire!! I did, however, find a version on another blog that is on megaupload -

  2. Cheers, I'll fix the mediafire link this week, thank you for the heads up, guvna.


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