Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band - This World (Is Going Up In Flames)

Well, this seems to be out of print, and the mp3s are available for free on the Daptone website, so this must be fair game, and a breath of freshly napalmed air after a long stretch of heavy metal. Charles Bradley is an old school soul singer of the James Brown/Lee Fields small-man-big-mouth school backed by an assortment of Daptone house musicians. The a-side is, as the title suggests, a dark Nostradamian prophecy of raining fire, red skies, and war all the time, punctuated by fierce horn bombardments and a rhythm section radioactive enough to melt your turntable (or, in this case, your tiny little computer speakers). Put on your gas mask and your dancing shoes, the end is nigh.
Lemme hear ya now.

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