Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frostmoon Eclipse - I Am Providence

Another entry in God is Myth's Lovecraft series, this too-short EP by Italy's Frostmoon Eclipse oozes menace and forboding. It begins with some obscure chanting and quickly spirals outward, flailing its limbs wildly and crawling slowly but steadily towards you, leaving a trail of glistening slime. Of note is the song "The Thing on the Doorstep," named after a personal favorite HPL story that receives less attention than some of the more famous weird tales, containing lengthy acoustic passages and a pleasingly rubber-legged bass line. The final track, "Providence 1937-03-15" is a quiet epitaph for the Old Boy himself, whispered and frightening. Really quality work all around, a must have for the Swamp library.
I haven't forgotten....


  1. This looks great. Downloading now. The Thing On The Doorstep was gonna be Gordon's next but it foundered. Shame that.

  2. Well, they don't all need to be movies, I suppose. Sometimes it's better left alone.

  3. hello, this is c./frostmoon eclipse.
    just found this blog, hope you liked "I am providence".
    I also released a lovecraft mcd with my other band called stroszek ( ), maybe you'd like to post it here?
    contact me:


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