Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Icarus - Marvel World of Icarus

It's official: the Swamp computing machine, always stubborn and ornery, has croaked its last ululation. Whilst I search for a replacement, have some crap! Icarus was a short lived prog group who chanced upon the brilliant idea of recording an album of odes to comic book heroes and (supposedly) brought this proposition to Marvel Comics. Depending on which version of the story you want to believe, either Marvel at first supported them and then quickly sqaushed the record when they heard how unlistenably awful it was, or had no knowledge all along and killed it for copyright reasons. Either way, this album was never released and Icarus vanished immediately thereafter. For prog rock, the music itself is extremely straightforward and uncerebral - each song is named after a specific character and proceeds to list his attributes and quirks and then the album moves on to the next song. Alarmingly, there is a persistent flute high in the mix that tootles away throughout the entire record without pause, making it extremely difficult to slog through. Lest you think this thematically inappropriate for the Swamp, there is a song about Conan as well.

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