Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Septic Flesh - Communion

Greek symphonic death metal, pompous and menacing at the same time, like a foppish dandy in a toga who has you chained in his torture garden, pruning bansai and sharpening his implements of persuasion. I decline for now to make a judgement of this album, as I may be a easily persuaded by the odd hints of Lovecraftian cheer in any record, and it's no surprise to see some boil up to the surface here: each song pertains to a different set of myths, from Norse to Egyptian to possibly some sort of UFO cult. Lacking the grand sweep of a massive string section and presumably black-robed choirs, this might be a forgettable death metal album with no clear worldview. Likewise, were the actual death metal band this was framed around less precise, this could be a formless blob of muddled theology and hubris. Where on this bizarre scale the album lands may depend upon the listener, so I invite you to judge for yourself.
But beware, lest ye be judged.

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