Friday, March 19, 2010

Resurrectum - demo

Armies of gender-fluid, steel-booted but fabulously dressed warriors march into battle with the evil forces of oppression, discrimination, and grumpiness. Thrash metal driven by both the fierce female singer's snarling rage and the propulsive, frighteningly complex drums (by the maniac who later played drums for Jazz/spazz/core band Ahleuchatistas), this brief demo is another case of birthing pains and death rattle being one and the same, as the band promptly imploded after an aborted tour where all of their equipment was stolen. Queer-friendly and apocalyptically morbid, winkingly funny but thoughtfully composed and executed - the songs flow one into another on warm beds of guitar grind and ringing gongs.
Bleed for us.

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  1. Sometimes a band's name just SELLS it, you know? DLing now...


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