Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Memento Mori - Discography

Another seemingly forgotten work of great beauty and darkness returned to light only yesterday (or was it the day before?), after considerable time in limbo, poking its serpentine head out from behind of mound of cobwebbed bones in a dank corridor long hidden from daylight. Memento Mori, appropriately named and ephemerally renowned, seem to have vanished into the netherworld of digital refuse: a relic of the time of the compact disc but predating the advent of obscuritan internet scribes, whiling away the weeks in darkened rooms thrown into sharp relief by the malignant glow of the monitor. Lo, give thanks that my monk-like scholasticism has brought forth tangible results, and then repent your ignorance as I wield this black-crusted lode of precious metal ore to bludgeon your feeble brain to a pulp. Winding sheets of thickly-woven guitar, wailing anguished vocals, and the rumble of elephantine stampedes shall echo in your numbed ears as you awaken into a new, hideous understanding.


  1. Let it be known that this tome was in woeful condition when recovered and, despite strenuous efforts to restore it, contains some tragic but minor flaws.

  2. Heard of, but not heard. DLing now and looking forward to listening. Thanks abdul.

  3. i cant seem to find any information on this band. everytime i look up the band name i get the memento mori from sweden.

    amazing album. i love the punk parts. great mix of metal and punk

  4. Other than the fact that they were from Columbus, Ohio in the early 2000's and that Leila from Saros & Vastum played guitar and the fact that they kicked ass live, I don't know a whole lot. The LP I have isn't very forthcoming on info and the actual booklet from this CD isn't much better.


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