Sunday, March 21, 2010

Men's Recovery Project - Bolides Over Basra

Let us celebrate the first day of nuclear summer appropriately: with a generous helping of awfulness topped with mushroom cloud! Perhaps you have shed your protective garment and exposed the pasty flesh of your upper arms and neck to the unmerciful sun. If so, you may need to protect your translucent, fragile shell with this lead-lined blast door recovered from the sunken highway to Riyadh during the first Gulf War. This impenetrable concept album, released long after it could have possibly been relevant, even after all the half-baked sarcasm and echo-chamber dickery, perhaps remains the most honest document of a supposedly righteous police action that, a decade later, proved to be pure manifest destiny, at least until is was shortly disproved. Nonetheless, this stands as a remarkably prescient artifact of a peaceful Clinton-era prosperity that predicted the great buzzkill that was the Aughts. That an entire decade of hope-crushing paranoia can be foreshadowed by an intentionally moronic LP of doggerel and random bleeps seems fitting, but listen to it now that spring has dawned on the last decade of mankind and tell yourself we didn't deserve it.
You have to work backwards to unravel the truth.

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  1. An excellent album and an excellent diagnosis of social ills (on your part). I applaud your keen ear for biting political satire.


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