Monday, November 28, 2011

Deicide - Legion

Another crucial piece of your narrator's youth - Deicide's Legion is a classic or crazy, evil death metal merging cartoon Satanism, Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and a level of heaviness heretofore unheard.  The track "Dead but Dreaming" is an important piece on the map of Lovecraftian metal, one of the best known and earliest.   Legion clocks in at just under thirty minutes, but packs more brutality and nihilism into that short time than a dozen albums by lesser bands.  It's easy to forget in light of later shenanigans, but at one time Deicide was the evilest, hardest band in the world. 


  1. I remember this being my gateway into death metal. I had to have been 12 or 13 and I was at a used book/junk store in town and she had a crate full of old LP's and cassettes and it was all metal. She said I could have the whole crate for 15 bucks. There were like 40 albums in total. Best find of my life music wise. Anyway! This and Possessed's Seven Churchs was in there and i guess you could say it was all down hill from there.

  2. I got mine the same way - some metalhead sold all his records to the record store that paid $1 per album (any album)and sold them all for $2. Venom, Plasmatics, Raw Power, Septic Death, probably that Possessed album...

  3. This was my primer into the incredible possibilities of death metal...countless hours spent air drumming. Fantastic album!!


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