Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shinki Chen and His Friends

Japanese guitar mutant Shinki Chen has appeared here before with his band Speed, Glue, and Shinki, but this is his first album, recorded under his own name while he was working on a Japanese production of the musical "Hair" (think about that for a second) with some help from his colleagues and associates. The opening number is a bit of a tease, an ambient drone number that could've been an Earth b-side; after this the album fully lurches into motion, rattling out of the speakers like a transmission from a lost colony of funky, acid-fried androids driven mad from an eternity drifting in a derelict space helmet with nothing but Hendrix records and millions of cigarettes to pass the time. Look into his eyes, people - do those crimson orbs look like windows into sanity?
Freedom Of A Mad Paper Lantern


  1. Just stumbled upon his music on youtube tonight, and found your site when trying to find out more about him. Holy doodle, but now I want to set a Call of Cthulhu game to this music, set it in mid-70's Japan, and just rock the fuck out.

    Mind still blown by the concept of a Japanese production of "Hair."

  2. I want to set a Call of Cthulhu game to this music,

    you do that and i will be your first buyer


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