Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dark Tranquillity - Skydancer

I don't have much time tonight and, not coincidentally, little to say about this excellent album except that it may be the first true example of the "Gothenburg sound" made famous by At the Gates and In Flames. Dark Tranquility didn't quite reach the level of fame as those bands, but this classic clearly places them at the forefront of the genre they helped to create. The slightly goofy lyrics add a touch of humor and absurdity to a formula usually dominated by angst and self-seriousness, helping this album maintain distinction among Dark Tranquility's otherwise more stoic catalog.
A bolt of blazing gold

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  1. DT's and In Flames' history is pretty incestuous. I think Niklas developed concepts with Anders for some of the older In Flames stuff. Anders used to do vocals for DT and Michael did vocals for In Flames and then they switched bands.


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