Monday, April 11, 2011

Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet - The Essential Sounds From The Far East

Perhaps it's a bit lazy to post two Japanese psych-freak bands in a row, but suppress your internet-bred automatic scorn response and just listen to this fucking thing. Contemporaries with luminary ronin like Guitar Wolf and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, DMBQ are as gnarly and crazy as either of those bands without sounding anything like them. Heavier than a subway tube full of sarin gas, and wilder than a sake-drunk Godzilla staggering home and farting fire, this album is a hybrid of a more abstract MC5/BellRays joint and a lucid mid-period Boredoms record. Pound pound, scream, pound pound, scream, freak out, wah wah, scream scream, pound. Just like that, the album whirls like a massive wheel, threatening to hop the rail and crash directly into your forehead. Brace yourself.
Mo-Ya Mo-Ya

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  1. I saw this band play live in Olympia, and my mind was permanently blown. the lead singer was jumping off the drum set about 10 feet in the air while wearing a gasmask with a working flashlight stuck in it - i thought the venue was going to crumble. GREAT!


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